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Insurance and air qualityunsplash.com / Vlad Deep
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Future use cases for air quality data: air quality as a dimension of (re-)insurance

As part of the InterLuft project, we are envisioning future use cases of ubiquitous air quality data in our cities: This article is part of a series of visions of the future and thought experiments on how our surroundings might become more environmentally…
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How much does air pollution cost society?

Air pollution is Earth’s greatest environmental health threat, killing approximately 7 million worldwide every year. According to the WHO, 9 out of 10 people breathe air that exceeds their guidelines, with developing countries experiencing…
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How air pollution exacerbates social inequality

While air pollution is a global issue, killing 7 million worldwide every year, those from different socioeconomic backgrounds feel its effects differently. We have previously written about why air pollution seems to disproportionately affect…