Reduce Coronavirus spread risk at the workplace through air quality monitoring and management

Governmental agencies advise to optimise indoor air quality to reduce Coronavirus spread risk. Certain countries, like Germany, even implemented worker protection regulation mandating active air quality management.

Breeze Technologies’ indoor air quality management solutions – including our air quality sensors and our Enviornmental Intelligence Cloud – help you to monitor your adherence to these guidelines and can help to involve office space users in indoor ventilation.

Breeze Technologies Indoor Air Quality Monitor - Coronavirus prevention mode

The top headline identifies the current location, for instance the name of your meeting room.


Current indoor air quality is visualised and evaluated in an understandable format, based on an internationally-accepted air quality index.


The application warns you in real time if the room needs to be ventilated to reduce Coronavirus spread risk.


The background of the application changes color based on whether you need to take action or air quality is good.

“The solution from Breeze fits perfectly into our prevention strategy. It’s a great motivation for everyone to ensure sufficient fresh air in our offices. The easy plug & play installation and the excellent value for money have really convinced us!”

Breeze Technologies Air Quality Sensor

Optimal workplace ventilation can help to mitigate the Coronavirus spread risk

Because of that, our award-winning indoor air quality sensors and our Environmental Intelligence Cloud put this data at your fingertips, and on the top of the minds of your colleagues and co-workers.

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Start managing your indoor air quality and reduce Coronavirus spread risk

Fast deployment

Plug in the sensor, set up the screen and you are ready to roll

Power to the users

Involve your colleagues and co-workers in Coronavirus risk mitigation

Artificial intelligence at your fingertips

To recognise short-term events and filter out noise

Indoor air quality data, in real-time

Based on Breeze Technologies’ award-winning indoor air quality management suite

Real-time evaluation of Coronavirus spread risk

Founded on latest medical research, based on CO2 concentrations and other parameters

Calibrated data

Based on professional-grade monitoring equipment

A CO2 concentration up to 1,000 ppm is acceptable. During the epidemic, the indoor concentration should remain under this threshold as far as possible.

Order a starter kit


  • 1 Breeze IAQ indoor air quality sensor-as-a-service (calibrated measurement of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)) for one year (rental)
  • Subscription for the Breeze Environmental Intelligence Cloud for 1 year, including the Coronavirus prevention monitor app, and all other functionalities
  • Support by phone and email


590 EUR net (1st year)

290 EUR net (subscription from year 2 onwards)

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We are happy to work out an individual quotation based on your wishes and needs. Please contact us below to schedule a demo and get an individual quotation.

Please note: Our offer is a professional-grade service only available for legal entities, such as companies, NGOs and public entities. We currently do not provide services to private consumers.

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