Urban air quality

Starter Guide: Air Quality Sensors and Management for Smart Cities

This article is an introduction into the topics of air quality sensors and air quality management for smart cities and is intended to be smart city managers' first point of contact with this topic. In the following, we will provide a basic overview…
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2024 update to Breeze Technologies’ air quality index

At Breeze Technologies, we regularly evaluate our air quality index (AQI) based on recent scientific insights and publications from international institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO). Our AQI is mainly developed from the…
Breeze Technologies selected as Top 100 Next-Generation Company by the World Future AwardsBreeze Technologies
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Breeze Technologies selected as Top 100 Next-Generation Company by the World Future Awards

After being named "best air pollution solution for 2023" by the World Future Awards in April, Breeze Technologies has now been selected as 2023 "Top 100 Next-Generation Company". WFA describes this honour as following: Chosen meticulously,…
IRCAI Top 100 AI Solutions for Sustainable Development - Excellent Project
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Breeze Technologies’ Environmental Intelligence Suite on UNESCO IRCAI’s top 100 list of AI solutions addressing the UN SDGs

Hamburg and Ljubljana. The International Research Centre in Artificial Intelligence under the auspices of UNESCO (IRCAI), has selected Breeze Technologies’ Environmental Intelligence Cloud (EIC) among the 2022-2023 global top 100 artificial…
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WFA selects Breeze Technologies as “Best air pollution solution for 2023”

As a leading provider of air quality monitoring and management solutions, we are thrilled to announce that Breeze Technologies has been named winner of the World Future Awards' category "Best air pollution solutions for 2023". This prestigious…
Easter fires cause air pollutionunsplash.com / Georgiana Avram

Traditional easter fires and their impact on local air quality

Stemming from pagan and clerical roots, Easter fires (also called Paschal fires) are part of German tradition. They are typically performed around sunset on Holy Saturday or on Easter Sunday. Because there is often a larger amount of these bonfires…

Different types of urban air quality monitoring locations

The 2008/50/EC Directive’s sampling point requirement introduces and examines the main question of when air pollutants should be measured. The Directive further examines different types of urban air quality monitoring locations: where should…

The canary in the gold mine – early air quality detection

The story of the canary in the gold mine is one that is an important part of British History. Similarly, this expression, once part of an important discovery, can be said as the same thing as early air quality detection. What is the history…

How cold is too cold? How the balancing act between heating, ventilation and the risk of mold can succeed

Exploding energy costs are forcing many people to conserve heating this winter 2022/23. When does the risk of mold in cold apartments increase? What alternatives are there to heating and ventilation? Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine…
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United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) includes Breeze Technologies in Digital X Solution Catalogue

At Breeze Technologies, we are always working to provide citizens and governments around the world with easy and cost-effective access to air quality data. This is a huge challenge that we cannot achieve without partners. We are therefore very…
Insurance and air qualityunsplash.com / Vlad Deep
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Future use cases for air quality data: air quality as a dimension of (re-)insurance

As part of the InterLuft project, we are envisioning future use cases of ubiquitous air quality data in our cities: This article is part of a series of visions of the future and thought experiments on how our surroundings might become more environmentally…
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Do plants improve air quality?

According to an often-quoted study conducted by NASA, house plants have been found to purify the air and remove “up to 87% of the amount of toxins in the air”. Recent studies, however, have cast doubt on these statements finding that indoor…