Five reasons why Breeze Technologies’ air quality sensors should be your top choice for any project

Air quality sensors give cities, businesses, NGOs and other organisations a chance to monitor local air pollution in a way that was simply not feasible before, in both scale and budget. This also means that many of our customers did not have a lot of previous knowledge in the field of air quality monitoring and management. Within the huge market of air quality sensors and air quality data analytics companies, Breeze Technologies is one of the frontrunners in regards to technology development, as well as one of the market leaders.

If you, too, are considering to leverage air quality sensors to develop an understanding of hyperlocal air quality in your environment, here are some of the top reasons why Breeze Technologies’ solution should be your favourite choice. Breeze Technologies provides you with a fully managed service that takes the worry away from air quality monitoring:

  1. Breeze Technologies provides a turn-key solution. 

    Breeze does not just sell air quality sensors, but provides a fully-integrated solution for data capture, calibration, storage and analysis – meaning that you just need to power on the sensors, and we will take care of all the rest.

  2. Breeze Technologies provides you with calibrated air quality data – so you do not need to worry about calibration or post-processing. 

    Our award-winning cloud-based calibration technology ensures the highest possible data quality from our air quality sensors. Initial as well as ongoing calibration are important: Lower-cost air quality sensors are usually susceptible to inaccuracies in measurements, aging, sensor drift and cross-sensitivites, to name just a few possible sources of erroneous data. With Breeze Technologies’ full-stack air quality monitoring and management solution, you do not need to worry about calibrating the data or post-processing them in any other way. You have access to both real-time and historic quantiative measurements, as well an an aggregated air quality index (AQI)  (read on: The advantages of cloud-enabled air quality sensors).

  3. Unusual measurements get flagged for review by Breeze Technologies’ science team. They will review the data and intervene if the measurements seem implausible. 

    Traditional air quality monitoring networks employ a host of environmental scientists to review data and take care of data checks and calibration. Through our Environmental Intelligence subscription, our team ensures that you do not need to worry about any of that. This saves cost and makes the deployment of air quality sensors feasible for private businesses and other organisations, that either are not able, or do not want to afford an environmental science team. We monitor the health of the individual sensing elements that monitor the different air quality parameters. If your sensors break or their measurement quality deteriorates, you will simply receive new ones (read on: Air quality sensors by Breeze Technologies: accuracy, data quality and reliability).

  4. Breeze Technologies’ Environmental Intelligence Cloud enables laymen to collect, understand and analyse air quality data. 

    Simplicity, intelligibility and scientific accuracy are the main paradigms of our solution design. We invest a huge amount of thought to make understanding and making decisions based on the collected data as easy as possible for you. For instance, with just one click you can find out how your local air quality compares to national and international air quality standards.

  5. Data is owned by you – and can easible be integrated into any other solution. 

    In most of our projects, the collected air quality data is owned by our customers. It can both be downloaded in standard data formats like XLSX (Excel) from our Environmental Intelligence Cloud, as well as integrated in real-time into other software solutions through a developer API built on JSON and REST.

Another key aspect that is important for a lot of our customers: We can support you in your projects beyond the simple provision of air quality sensors – from concept development, over identifying suitable locations for air quality sensors, to developing clean air action plans based on the collected data – we are happy to help. Any questions? Contact us!