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Air pollution – How to convert between mg/m3, µg/m3 and ppm, ppb

When it comes to determining the concentration of air pollutants in the atmosphere, the units of measurement one would typically see are either mg/m3, µg/m3, ppm, or ppb. These are used in air quality thresholds and air quality indexes to help…
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What is good air quality?

Clean air is vital for our health, the environment, and even the economy. But what exactly constitutes good air quality? Read on to find out. What is air quality? The air we breathe is made up of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and other gases…
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Why is air pollution a bigger topic in developing countries than in developed nations?

While it is undeniable that air pollution affects everyone, scientific studies, the news, and even international agencies make it seem as though it is more of a significant issue in developing countries than in developed ones. What is the basis…