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Cardboardification of mobility as radical new clean air action

Hamburg, 1 April 2022. As a radically-new measure to improve air quality in our cities, Breeze Technologies will now start to recommend the “cardboardification” of cars, busses and other vehicles in cities. “We see it as the next logical step beyond electric mobility,” says Haris Sefo, Head of Research and Sensor Systems Development at Breeze Technologies. “Even electric cars cause some emissions – a fact that has often been touted by opponents of electric mobility. These emissions come from tire wear and break abrasion, and additionally from the vehicle’s production. Cardboard made from wood pulp comes from a natural, regrowing resource that can also serve as a carbon dump.” It is thought that when people are using pretend cars made from cardboard, ambient emission levels in cities might decrease by up to 50%.

“We realise that asking people to switch to public transport would be too big of a step,” explains Robert Heinecke, CEO of Breeze Technologies. “They are used to spend up to an hour every morning on the streets in traffic jams, commuting to work in their cars. There is a huge opposition for electric cars, whose main emissions stem from production, which can happen away from urban centers in resilient ecosystems capable of mitigating the direct emission impacts. Hence we thought, we should take it a step further and look for alternatives that cause next to no emissions at all during production.”

Breeze Technologies is still looking for partners able to offer cities starter packages of cardboard vehicles through the startup’s partner programme for clean air actions. Interested parties can contact the company to discuss potential pilot implementations.