Cans of fresh air instead of sensors – Breeze Technologies rethinks product portfolio

Note: This announcement was done in the spirit of the 2021 April Fool’s Day. Thank you very much for all the positive feedback we received. We are not planning to sell fresh air in cans – the ecological footprint alone would not be compatible with our company philosophy. The good news: Even without a supply of canned air, there is a lot that you yourself can do to ensure cleaner air in our cities. We have summarized some potential measures for you. The long-term measurement of successes and failures is also important – we warmly invite you to register as a potential host for an air quality sensor; there is no cost to you.

Hamburg, 1 April 2021. Breeze Technologies pivots from air quality sensors and AI-based clean air action recommendations to clean air in cans. “Many cities told us that they are not interested in monitoring air quality in more places – as this might just uncover more problems,” Breeze CEO Robert Heinecke explains, “Now we are helping citizens ourselves.”

The canned air will be sold through a monthly subscription model: At 99 Euros per month, customers will receive a monthly shipment of 60 cans. “Humans breathe around 10,000 liters of air per day – this was just not feasible to provide. But if people are not allowed the Human Right to Clean Air, we at least want them to be able to take a deep breath once or twice a day,” comments Haris Sefo, Head of Science at Breeze. A retail version of the cans is in the works. The air is canned in the Alps; far away from cities and their multitude of air pollution sources. In the future, additional “flavours” from other regions are planned; a special edition with air from the Southern Ocean – where according to scientific studies air is the cleanest – is already being prepared.

9 out of 10 people globally are living in regions with too high levels of air pollution. The World Health Organization WHO calls air pollution the greatest environmnetal health threat of our time. Hence, Breeze is looking forward to fantastic market potential. “Our air is cleaner than what 99% of people are beathing every day.” The air is canned without the addition of chemicals or other additives, and is 100 percent “bio” and vegan. Interested parties can order the canned air on the website of Breeze Technologies, starting tomorrow.