Air Quality Academy – Breeze Technologies launches new air quality knowledge base

Hamburg, Germany. Breeze Technologies has launched a new knowledge base on air quality. “Creating awareness for the global environmental health threat that is air pollution is at the core of our mission,” says Robert Heinecke, CEO at Breeze Technologies. “Part of our work is educating citizens and involving them in clean air action, through becoming a sensor host and being part of our measurement campaigns, as well as through air quality citizen forums, workshops and other local events. We hope that the knowledge base on air quality will further enhance our societal impact and get more people involved in the fight against air pollution.”

The “Air Quality Academy” brings together different articles and analyses on air quality and already contains information on topics such as what air quality is and why it matters, how to calculate air quality indexes for outdoors and indoors and more detailed analyses, for instance on air pollution around New Year’s Eve. More articles will be added in the future, based on reader feedback.

You can access the Air Quality Academy here.