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How to measure pollen

Pollen exposure is one cause of asthma attacks for people prone to them. Breathing in pollen can also cause certain other respiratory symptoms such as sneezing, congestion, and a runny nose. Climate changing is constantly shifting pollen levels,…
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How to measure air quality

The importance of monitoring air quality is evident in the impact pollutants have on human health, the environment, and the economy. By assessing the extent of air pollution through timely, accurate data, policies and standards can be enacted,…
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5 steps to make your city smarter with air quality data

Urban air pollution directly affects populations living in and around urban areas. Worldwide, 1.3 million people die every year from outdoor air pollution in urban areas. The benefits of managing this issue are endless: healthier citizens, a…

Headaches at work? The Sick Building Syndrome could be the reason

The “sick building syndrome” is an illness caused by poor indoor air quality, where occupants experience discomfort due to spending time in particular rooms or buildings. Read on to find out more about this phenomenon. What are the…
Standorte zur Messung der Luftqualität in HamburgBreeze Technologies UG
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Wo wird Luftqualität gemessen – Auswahl von Messstandorten zur Überwachung der Luftqualität und Standortkriterien nach der 39. BImSchV

Grundlage für die Bestimmung von Standorten für Messinstrumente zur Erfassung von urbaner Luftqualität ist in Deutschland die 39. Verordnung zur Durchführung des Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetzes (39. BImSchV). Es handelt sich um Bundesrecht…