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The impact of air pollution on mental health

When talking about the negative effects of air pollution, a lot of focus is placed on the physical diseases that occur from pollutant exposure. But did you know that air pollution affects mental health as well? Read on to find out more. Research…
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The difference between emissions and ambient emissions (“immission”)

The term “emission” is commonly used to describe the releasing of pollutants into the atmosphere. Recently, however, a new, similar term has appeared in the air pollution lexicon: “immission”. What exactly is “immission”? How is…
Sahara-Staub über Europa

Sahara Dust In Central Europa – What Our Sensor Networks Are Saying

A dust cloud from the Sahara desert has been occupying the media in Germany and the rest of Europe for over a week. To find out more, the environmental scientists at Breeze Technologies took a closer look at the readings from our air quality…