Breeze Technologies’ air quality monitoring project in Hamburg wins at the SMAVARD 2020 smart city awards

Breeze Technologies is one of the winners of the SMAVARD 2020 smart city award. The startup’s air quality monitoring project in Hamburg, Germany, won in the category “Special Merits – Sensing and ICT”. The international award jury particularly appreciated the inclusive approach of Breeze Technologies to work with citizens as clean air ambassadors and sensor hosts. The awards ceremony took place during the conference broadcast from the Nordic Edge Expo Stavanger Studio, Norway, on September 23 and recognizes implementations with highly innovative potential to disrupt the status quo of the existing Smart City market.

A professional jury of Smart City experts selected the winners who showed the greatest potential of revolutionising the existing Smart City market. The Honourable Mayor of Stavanger, Ms Kari Nessa Nordtun, not only praised the commitment and success of the award winners in her laudation but also highlighted the efforts that numerous other companies throughout Europe are making: “The seven award winners contribute immensely to an improvement of urban life. The winners represent all the other companies that have applied for the SMAVARD 2020, as well as many hundreds more all over the country. Each and every one of them has recognised that improving urban life brings advantages for the citizens and at the same time strengthens climate protection.”

The competition was open to all cities and companies that had successfully implemented a European Smart City project. In order to participate, these entities had to submit a detailed description of their individual Use Case. An expert jury selected the best implementations and the Honourable Mayor announced the winners from the shortlisted finalists in the Stavanger Studio Stage on Wednesday at noon. The SMAVARD was co-organised by the Smart City company BABLE, a spin-off company of Fraunhofer, and the Nordic Edge Expo in Stavanger, Norway.