Breeze Technologies in market dialogue with Danish Ministry of Environment and Food

Breeze Technologies selected for GovTech Program Denmark

The sector of air quality monitoring and management is rapidly changing. Lower cost air quality sensors are opening up the possibility to understand air quality development and distribution on a hyperlocal level. New technologies like big data analytics and artificial intelligence can both be leveraged to increase sensor accuracy through cloud calibration technologies, and increase the efficiency of clean air action plans.

Today, most governments and municipalities are still relying on legacy solutions that have been well-established in the last decades. Air quality sensing had originally been established in the 1960s, chemical transport modelling followed in the decade after, and until recently paradigms never really changed.

As a leader in the field of hyperlocal air quality sensing and environmental intelligence, Breeze Technologies is proud to announce that we have been selected for a market dialogue process with the Ministry of Environment and Food in Denmark, facilitated by the international consultancy PUBLIC that specialises on GovTech; the introduction of new technologies to the public sector.

“It is great to see that the Danish ministry is realising the immense opportunity that lies in hyperlocal air quality data and environmental intelligence. Air pollution is today’s greatest environmental health threat. We need to use every technological advantage that we can to understand where air pollution comes from, and which clean air actions really work. We at Breeze Technologies hope that many more governments will follow the Danish example,” says Robert Heinecke, Breeze Technologies’ CEO.

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