Brezee Technologies wins the 2019 Citypreneurs Challenge in Seoul, Korea.

Breeze Technologies convinces UN jury at Citypreneurs Startup Challenge in Seoul

Out of 175 startups and 30 finalists, Breeze Technologies won the Grand Investors' Pick and a WeGo Sponsorship at this year's Citypreneurs startup challenge. Organized by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and…

Breeze Technologies at the NYC Climate Week

From 23 to 29 September, Businesses, world leaders, communities, and youth activists gathered at the world's biggest climate week event, Climate Week NYC 2019. Thanks to our CEO being named YGT - Young Green Tech Entrepreneur of the Year 2019…
gewinnt myGovernment Hero Award

Breeze Technologies wins Public Governance Institute’s myGovernment Hero Award

After pitches of five finalist startups, Breeze Technologies won the "myGovernment Hero Award" at the myGovernment 2019 event of the Public Governance Institute, together with Polyteia. The startups presented their business model and implemented…

Air Quality Sensors by Breeze Technologies: Accuracy, Data Quality, ​and Reliability

This article presents why and how Breeze Air Quality Sensors prioritize accuracy, data quality, and reliability. One of the most essential factors in monitoring air quality is the accuracy and reliability of the measurement equipment as…
Sensor locations in Hamburg at the moment

Where is air quality measured? Regulatory requirements, German 39. BImSchV and more

The determination of locations for measuring urban air quality in Germany is defined in the 39th Ordinance to Implement the Federal Immission Control Act (39th BImSchV). The federal law on air quality and clean air for Europe is based on European…
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What Is Air Quality? Why Does It Matter?

Find out more about the importance of air quality, current laws and regulations and how we can monitor and improve air quality to create a healthier and more liveable environment. Facts about Air Quality by Breeze Technologies. What…
European Commission

Breeze Technologies wins Seal of Excellence from European Commission

After being named one of Europe's most promising startups in the European Parliament last year, Breeze Technologies has now received the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission. International panels of independent experts conduct the…
Environmental sensors

MarketsAndMarkets: Breeze Technologies key startup in 1.22bn USD environmental sensor market

As part of their latest study on the environmental sensing market, MarketsAndMarkets lists Breeze Technologies as a key startup in the sector, next to established corporates like Bosch Sensortec and Siemens. The study values the 2017 environmental…
Breeze Technologies co-founder Robert Heinecke with Andreas Goerdeler from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and EnergyWolfgang Borrs
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Breeze Technologies wins Digital Innovation Award from German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Breeze Technologies wins the digital innovation award "Gründerpreis Digitale Innovation" from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. During the award ceremony on 31 August at IFA, Andreas Goerdeler, head of section at…
Breeze Team / Photo Credit: Anne GaertnerAnne Gaertner

How to apply at Breeze Technologies

At Breeze Technologies, we are looking for talents that aim to create a more livable tomorrow through the smart use of environmental data. If you want to make a difference by contributing to environmental sustainability and fighting air pollution,…
Breeze Technologies co-founder Robert Heinecke presents in the Hemicycle of the European Parliament.

Breeze Technologies one of EU’s “most promising” startups

Breeze Technologies has been selected as one of the EU's most promising startups, leveraging technology to build a disruptive solution and addressing one of Europe's most pressing challenges: air pollution. On 27 and 28 November, we were invited…
Breeze Technologies receives award from the German Federal President Frank-Walter SteinmeierBreeze Technologies

Breeze Technologies receives award from the German Federal President

The team of Breeze Technologies has received a distinguished award from the German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier for their efforts to create dense, low-cost and real-time air quality monitoring networks for cities. The Hamburg-based…