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Breeze Technologies’ Environmental Intelligence Suite on UNESCO IRCAI’s top 100 list of AI solutions addressing the UN SDGs

IRCAI Top 100 AI Solutions for Sustainable Development - Excellent Project

Hamburg and Ljubljana. The International Research Centre in Artificial Intelligence under the auspices of UNESCO (IRCAI), has selected Breeze Technologies’ Environmental Intelligence Cloud (EIC) among the 2022-2023 global top 100 artificial intelligence projects addressing the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Breeze’s air quality platform was selected as an “excellent” solution among the categories of “outstanding”, “excellent”, “promising”, and “early stage”.

IRCAI drafted a call for solutions with global relevance and, with the engagement of members of its Business and Impact Council, promoted the call, while reviews were conducted by members of the scientific programme committees and the editorial board of the scientific journal IRCAI. IRCAI then compiled a list of the top 100 projects solving problems related to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Participating applicants come from all five geographic regions: Africa, Europe and the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, and the Middle East.

The reviewers were specifically looking for presentable solutions that directly or indirectly solve one or more sustainable development problems, including research innovations implemented in these solutions. A strong focus was also placed on machine learning, artificial intelligence, or data science across all scientific disciplines. The main focus was on solutions for one or more Sustainable Development Goals.

IRCAI made final decisions based on the potential implementation and impact of the AI solution in the sustainable development community, as well as the quality of the scientific content and solution. These were considered in the general criteria listed below.

  • Sustainable Development: Centrality of AI to the delivery of the solution.
  • Impact: The potential impact on the relevant SDG(s), either by measuring the KPIs or by providing systems that improve them
  • Implementation: the demonstration of the potential in the completed work, either as a proof of concept or as a completed research paper
  • Ethics: Ethical design of the AI

The results of this edition of the Global Top 100 will be presented at the report launch, which will be held as a virtual side event of the UN STI Forum on May 4, 2023 (08:30 – 09:45 New York time). Registrations for the event are still open through the IRCAI website.