How to apply at Breeze Technologies

At Breeze Technologies, we are looking for talents that aim to create a more livable tomorrow through the smart use of environmental data. If you want to make a difference by contributing to environmental sustainability and fighting air pollution, Breeze Technology is for you.

A position at our startup company provides you with real-world experience to grow professionally as well as personally; you will be working on challenging and engaging tasks from day one. We leave you a lot of freedom to achieve our mutually set goals – this also means that you should bring sufficient work experience to the table.

Your written application

Your first step towards becoming part of our team is sending your application to It should include your cover letter, your CV and (optional) work samples.  Never forget to mention for which position you want to apply or if you aim for an unsolicited application.

As we read every application thoroughly, your cover letter is as important as your CV! Introduce yourself and your professional achievements, explain why you want to become part of our team specifically, and present your expectations towards us: What do you want to learn from working at Breeze Technologies? In what area will you be able to wield your existing skills to push our startup to the next level?

The interview process

After sparking our interest in your cover letter, we will contact you to schedule an initial interview. This will usually happen a week after you send us your application. The interview will be with one of our managers from your professional field, who will check your technical fit with the company. To prepare, you can focus on the following areas:

  • Be able to present yourself in a brief and concise matter (meaning two or three minutes in total). Do not lose your focus to a 15-minute self-presentation.
  • You should know what we do at Breeze Technologies. Our website and blog are rich sources of information at your disposal. If you know about our recent successes and press attention, all the better!
  • Your willingness to learn: Be prepared to be challenged! We will ask about times you failed, your favourite book or that semester abroad you took – and what you learnt from that.
  • Professional lingo: Underline your successes and be prepared to talk about your tasks and responsibilities. What went well? What did not? How would you have changed your strategy in retrospective?
  • Ask questions: This is the time to learn more about your future team and responsibilities!

Depending on the seniority of the position, you will go through a three-stage selection process:

  • Your first interview will be with a manager from your field of work. We want to get to know you better and check your technical fit with the position. A good idea: Check our LinkedIn profile beforehand to learn more about us and our past experiences.
  • Based on the interview, we will assign you a homework to check your work quality and diligence. While this is usually a small task, it would usually be part of your future responsibilities and gives us a better picture of how you work and how you present your results.
  • Based on the first interview and your homework results, we will invite you for a second interview. You will have the opportunity to present your results.
  • For more senior positions, we will have an additional interview with the full management team. Here, everybody has a vote to decide who becomes part of our team.

While we sometimes recruit senior positions directly, our preferred way to onboard long-term team members is through a three-month internship. Based on the internship’s results, we are happy to discuss long-term engagements.

So, if you think you are ready for this experience, go check our career opportunities – we are looking forward to welcoming you to our team:

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