Breeze Technologies at the NYC Climate Week

From 23 to 29 September, Businesses, world leaders, communities, and youth activists gathered at the world’s biggest climate week event, Climate Week NYC 2019. Thanks to our CEO being named YGT – Young Green Tech Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 a few months ago, we were invited to attend the proceedings in New York.

Attending multiple Climate Week events, we demonstrated and renewed our commitment towards minimising our own organization’s carbon footprint and accelerating governmental and business transformation towards a zero carbon society.

“Air pollution is directly connected to climate change”, says Breeze Technologies’ CEO Robert Heinecke, “which is why we need to curb air pollution in our cities if we want to be able to reach the COP21 climate goals.”

Air pollutants such as ozone, particulate matter, carbon monoxide or nitrogen oxides contribute to climate change directly – like ozone as number three of anthropogenic greenhouse gases – or indirectly – like black carbon particulates and their ability to absorb and scatter light. The main sources of these pollutants are anthropogenic and located in urban areas. Most cities struggle to implement effective measures to mitigate air pollution because today’s decisions are not data‐driven, and there are no ICT systems in place that can assess the effectiveness of different interventions based on historic data.

Breeze Technologies’ solutions enable cities to make data‐driven decisions about air pollution adaptation and mitigation policies for the first time. At the same time, we also help businesses to incorporate clean air policies in their value chain.