Customer reference: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Mitsubishi Electric Corporation



Project duration:

1 month

Project type:

Short-term air quality investigation


Short-term investigation of local air quality around the Umekita development in Osaka, Japan


Collected general air quality data and identified several events with significant impact on local air quality

“MELCO’s Osaka Kansai Branch is very excited to be partnering with Robert and his team. Breeze Technologies provided a solution to capture local air quality data that was cost-efficient and simple to install and operate. During the project, we were able to capture very interesting datasets that definitely encourage further analysis.”Yuta Inami, Marketing Research & Business Development Dep.


The Osaka Station area is west Japan’s largest terminal and home to an extensive public transportation network. As the heart of Osaka, this area has been the focus of numerous development projects in recent years.

Among these is the Umekita development area to the north of Osaka Station, which covers approximately 24 hectars and is considered as the last prime location available in Osaka. Capitalizing on its excellent location, there is an ongoing development of several large office towers connected by an extensive green space.


It was in MELCO’s interest to gather hyperlocal air quality datasets from around the city center of Osaka where various development projects are currently planned including the Umekita development, to analyze local air quality in general as well as also in conjunction with other datasets generated from MELCO’s smart city efforts.


In general, local air quality levels were well within the limits of Japanese air quality guidelines. Yet, several significant changes in air quality were detected during the monitoring period that encourage further analysis. In conjunction with other smart city datasets, these insights can help to better understand local influences on air quality and trigger actions and policies to create a healthier and more sustainable Osaka for the every citizen.