Research project: LuftDatenNet

Funding source:

German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Funding program:

Richtlinie zur Förderung von Projekten zur Entwicklung und praktischen Erprobung von Datentreuhandmodellen in den Bereichen Forschung und Wirtschaft

Project duration:

01/2022 – 12/2024

Project partners:

Breeze Technologies UG
and associated partners

In the LuftDatenNet project, Breeze Technologies is developing a data escrow platform for air quality datasets that is going to act as an intermediate between potential producers and consumers of air quality data.


Air pollution is the greatest environmental threat of our time. 9 out of 10 people worldwide live in areas with excessive air pollution. Because of the significance of this problem, more and more solutions for the collection of air quality data emerge. This includes measurements by satellite, inexpensive sensors on the consumer market, measurements with vehicles, as well as semi-professional sensors for use by cities and companies. Due to the many actors involved in these developments, the measurement data collected through non-public initiatives are rarely available to the public or cannot be found without specific knowledge of the local projects.


The aim of the LuftDatenNet project is to set up a data trust (data exchange) platform for air quality datasets. On this platform, data providers are able to make their data available and data consumers can access it for reuse in other applications. The aim of the data trust platform is the establishment of new solutions, business models and startups that significantly increase the economic usability of air quality data. Research aimed at the common good is able to better blend air quality data with other data sets and thus gain new knowledge. The conception and development of the data trust platform takes place in close cooperation with the ecosystem of air quality data consumers and producers. Over the course of the project, the first data usage scenarios will be developed on the basis of the integrated data pools and promoted through competitions.


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