Customer reference: City of Neckarsulm – Voluntary air quality monitoring network and clean air action implementation


City of Neckarsulm (approx. 27,000 inhabitants)


Public sector / city administration

Project duration:

2018 – 2023

Project type:

Voluntary city-wide air quality monitoring network


Collect air quality data from the municipality’s area and inform clean air action planning


Implemented 10 air quality sensors across the city and used the collected data to suggest and monitor clean air actions


The city of Neckarsulm is a city in the north of the state of Baden-Württemberg. Its city administration intended to receive a current picture of municipal air pollution to also provide this data to the local population. With this data, it should become clear how the city climate changes under different circumstances, as well as what influence the high daily commuter traffic and the federal highway 6 expansion construction site have on the city’s air quality. The collected data should therefore enable appropriate environmental conservation measures, and if necessary, also enable the city to apply for a formal air pollution control plan with state authorities.


The city of Neckarsulm wanted to live up to its responsibility with regard to air quality and climate change. Through the project, the city administration aimed at creating transparency for its citizens. By implementing different environmental measures, the city’s goal was to increase their citizens’ health andquality of life.

An air quality sensor in Neckarsulm


Based on local requirements, Breeze Technologies worked with the City of Neckarsulm to identify suitable locations to deploy air quality sensors to monitor the most important air quality parameters. Collected air quality data was used to inform municipal decision making. Environmental scientists from Breeze Technologies supported the City of Neckarsulm to analyze the collected data and provided suggestions for clean air actions to implement throughout the project timeline. A number of measures were implemented, leading to a reduction of air pollution levels.


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