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Installation & sensor setup guides

  1. Connect the Breeze Air Quality Sensor to power with the accessory power supply.
  2. Wait approximately 60 seconds for the sensor to boot up. When the sensor is ready to operate, it will open a wifi starting with “Breeze”.
  3. Connect to the wifi starting with “Breeze” with a suitable mobile device or computer.
  4. A browser window should open automatically, containing a form to fill in your wifi credentials. If no browser window opens, or if you possess sensors from generation 3 or lower: Open the webpage “”.
  5. Enter the credentials for the wifi the sensor should use to connect to the internet and click “Submit”. The “SSID” is the name of your wifi.
  6. The sensor will now connect to the specified wifi and start submitting air quality data to the Environmental Intelligence Cloud. The wifi starting with “Breeze” will be automatically closed.
  7. Note: If the specified wifi from step 5 becomes unavailable, the sensor opens the “Breeze” wifi again. Please continue with step 3.

Please refer to the following guides for sensor installation:

Wildfire sensor installation guide

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